Unlock UR Door with Mobile ID

Students are expected to carry their UR ID card at all times for meals and card access. However, if you accidentally lock your card in your room you have other options for opening your door by downloading the Mobile ID app.

What is Mobile ID?

  • Mobile ID is an app available to iOS and Android phones that will allow a student to open their residence hall room's wireless lock.
  • Your personal pin number will be required to gain access.

What isn't Mobile ID?

  • Mobile ID is not a replacement for your physical ID card. You are required to carry your ID card with you at all times when possible. Wireless locks only hold their cache of information for 5 days, so it is important you swipe your ID card in your lock frequently to avoid being locked out of your room during a power outage.
  • Mobile ID is not a replacement for swiping into your room. It is to be used when your card is not functioning correctly or you have lost your card.
  • Mobile ID is for personal use and should never be used on a device that does not belong to you. As with your ID card, it is against University policy to share Mobile ID with another person.
  • One Card may disable Mobile ID for any user and for any reason we consider an abuse

Setup Guide

  • Search the Apple Store or Google Play Store for the CBORD Mobile ID and download the app.
  • Enter Server URL : onecardweb.richmond.edu or select University of Richmond from the drop down
  • Enter NetID and Password, and Authorize

How to open your door

  • Swipe right to send unlock signal to your door
  • After 10-20 seconds your door's Schlage emblem will blink
  • Enter your pin number
  • Press # on keypad
  • Your door is now unlocked

Trouble Shooting

  • My room does not display in app
    Mobile ID only works on Resident Hall rooms with wireless locks. It does not currently work with UFA, Law, Atlantic, Pacific, or Bostwick.
  • My app will not process my request
    Completely shutdown the app and reopen it.
  • I cannot authenticate my device
    Make sure you are using your correct NetID and password. If it has been within 30 days since your last activation visit the One Card Office to update, fees may apply. Email onecard@richmond.edu requesting assistance.
  • I lost my phone
    Login into onecardweb.richmond.edu with your NetID and Password. Click 'Report Lost Phone,' Click 'Yes.' If you find your phone, re-authenticate through the app.
  • I have a new phone
    Follow the install instructions above for the Mobile ID. As only one device can be active at a time, your old phone will deactivate. If it has been within 30 days since your last activation visit the One Card Office to update, fees may apply.