Lost and Stolen

If you lose your University of Richmond ID card, it is extremely important you report your card lost to protect:

  • Your SpiderCard account
  • Your building from unauthorized entry
  • Your meal plan/dining dollar balance

You can deactivate or reactivate your ID card any time of day or night by logging into onecardweb.richmond.edu with your Net ID and password. From the Menu, select "Report Lost Card." If you find your card after having reported it lost, you can reactivate it by selecting "Report Found Card."

If your card was fraudulently used prior to deactivation, please report misuse to the University of Richmond Police Department at (804) 289-8715. The University assumes no responsibility from unauthorized access due to lost or stolen cards.

Temporary ID Cards

If you have temporarily misplaced your card, you may pick up a temporary card from the One Card Office during business hours or Campus Police after-hours, weekends or during Winter Break.

Temporary cards will work just like your permanent card for meals and card access for a period of 1-30 days depending on whether you may find your card or to allow for usage over long break periods when the One Card Office is closed. You must return the temporary card to the One Card Office in order to have your "found" ID card reactivated or a replacement card printed. A $30 replacement fee will apply for lost temporary cards.

Important: If you deactivated your card in onecardweb.richmond.edu, you must reactivate your card BEFORE picking up a temporary card from the One Card Office or Campus Police, otherwise the temporary card will not work.

Replacement Card Fee

The replacement fee for a lost or stolen card is $30. The charge is applied to your student account.

Damaged/Outdated Cards

Your University of Richmond ID card contains smartcard technology. Do not punch a hole in your card as it will disable the smartcard functionality and could prevent you from accessing your residence hall room, meals, or other services. You will be charged a $30 replacement fee if you punch a hole in your smartcard.

If your card is wearing out or damaged so it no longer works properly, it can be replaced at no charge by bringing it to the One Card office. You may use the same picture or have a new photo taken.

We all go through physical changes over the years (new glasses, new hairdo, new or removed facial hair), but the obvious is a more mature look. For an updated ID card, please stop by the One Card Office between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. to take a new picture at no charge.

If you have had an official name change and notified the Registrar's Office or Human Resources, we will update your campus card account and print a replacement ID at no charge.

Found Cards

Anyone who finds a University of Richmond ID card may return it to the One Card Office in the Heilman Center next to the Campus Post Office.

University of Richmond ID cards found off-campus, may be returned to the address listed on the back of the card. You may also contact the One Card Office at (804) 289-8478 or (804) 289-8010 to report a found card, and we will contact the faculty, staff or student to let them know where to pick up their card.