Card Care

The University of Richmond One Card contains smartcard technology. You should not punch a hole in your card as it will disable the smartcard feature. Because your ID also contains a magstripe on the back, you should keep your card away from all magnetic fields such as other magnets, TVs, VCRs, and stereo speakers. These can cause your card to become demagnetized, making it unable to function.

Keep your card in your possession at all times and in your wallet or a protective holder.

You can report your card lost in to protect your SpiderCard account or dining dollar funds. Reporting your card lost will deactivate your card. Reporting your card as found in will reactivate your account.

The One Card is yours to use. However, it does remain the property of the University of Richmond. It is not transferable under any condition and should not be used by another individual. Your One Card should be valued just as you would your driver's license, credit card, or cash.

Do not:

  • Punch a hole in your card
  • Loan your ID to anyone else
  • Use your card as an ice scraper
  • Use your card as a lock opening device
  • Wash or dry your card
  • Alter dates or images printed on your card. This is an Honor Code violation.