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SpiderCard Account

SpiderCard is a debit card program that uses pre-deposited funds to pay for purchases on campus. Your participation is voluntary. A SpiderCard account is safe and convenient, eliminates the need to carry cash on campus, and is easy to use.

As you make SpiderCard account purchases, your account is debited. Your limit is based on the amount you have pre-deposited. There are no minimum deposit requirements. Deposits may be made at any time at the Student Accounts Office in Queally Hall. To make a purchase, you present your University of Richmond One Card to the cashier where a SpiderCard account is accepted. Your purchase will be deducted from your account balance.

SpiderCard accounts can be used for purchases at the following locations:

  • University of Richmond Bookstore
  • Tyler's Grill
  • Heilman Dining Center
  • Drink and snack vending machines
  • The Cellar Restaurant
  • ETC
  • The Dean's Den
  • 8:15 @Boatwright
  • Passport Cafe
  • Lou's Cafe
  • Concessions
  • Modlin Center ticket office
  • Campus pizza delivery:  Papa John's (804-741-7000)
  • UR Transportation Services (shuttle services on breaks)
  • Laundry facilities require your ID for on-campus housing verification, which enables no-fee validation when the card is swiped
  • Boatwright Library Services:  Circulation Desk, Media Resource Center, Technology Learning Center
  • One Card Services for lost card fee and passport photos
  • To purchase additional print credits – When you run out of print credits during the semester, you can purchase more using SpiderCard account funds.
    • Please be aware you must have sufficient SpiderCard account funds to purchase print credits.

Do I need to open a new account each semester?
No.  Funds deposited into your account and not used will carry over into the following semester.  Upon graduation, transfer, or withdrawal your Spidercard balance will be transferred to your student account to satisfy any outstanding balances.  Once your account has been satisfied, a refund will be issued for credit balances over $5.

Can I make cash withdrawals using my SpiderCard Account?
No. A SpiderCard account is not considered a bank card and is not associated with a bank. A SpiderCard account can be used for on campus purchases only and not for cash withdrawals.

Are there any fees or charges associated with my SpiderCard Account?
No. Only a $25 replacement card fee if your card must be replaced because it was lost or stolen, which can be applied to your student account.

How can I check my SpiderCard balance and view transactions?
From your browser, go to and log in with your University NetID and Password.  Balances for all accounts, such as SpiderCard and dining dollar plans, are displayed on the Welcome page.  To view your transaction history, click on “Spending History” from the menu.  Enter the date range, and under “Accounts” select “All Plans” or select a particular plan.

One Card Office Hours
8:30 am–5:00 pm
Closed on University holidays